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In a nutshell

The trial aims to investigate a new way of delivering radiation therapy in women with early-stage breast cancer. This will involve low doses of radiation therapy being aimed at the part of the breast where the tumor is or was. The main outcomes that will be measured are side effects and recurrence rate. This trial is recruiting in Missouri, the United States.

The details

Radiation is a common treatment for early-stage breast cancer. It is commonly delivered over a period of several weeks. It can also have side effects on the organs and tissues in the breast area. It is thought that lower doses of radiation in fewer sessions might reduce the risk of side effects. 

Three-fraction accelerated partial breast irradiation (Tri-APBI) is a new way of delivering 3 small doses of radiation over 2-3 days directly to the area where the tumor was. This is meant to reduce further treatments.

This study is examining the safety and effectiveness of Tri-APBI in patients with early-stage breast cancer after breast surgery. The outcomes measured will be recurrence rate and side effects.

Who are they looking for?

55 patients with early-stage breast cancer that had breast surgery are needed. Patients will be excluded if they have a history of other cancers or positive lymph nodes. Illnesses of the immune system such as lupus, scleroderma or dermatomyositis are other exclusion criteria. 

How will it work

All patients will all be treated with the Tri-APBI. The radiation will take place no more than 8 weeks after surgery. Recurrence rate, side effects, and patient satisfaction will be monitored up to 5 years after the treatment.

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