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Our Mission

Improve the lives of people with serious or chronic medical conditions and of those who care for them.
Effectively apply software and the social web to the field of health for the betterment of humanity.

Our Values

We respect what patients and medical professionals cope with on a day-to-day basis. We respect the patients’ and their caregivers’ rights to know all information about their medical conditions, whether positive or negative, whether or not disclosed to them by their medical team. We respect the professionalism and interests of medical professionals involved in helping people prolong and improve their lives. We respect our partners, employees, healthcare professionals, and other stakeholders, and will treat them with the respect they deserve.
We will continuously innovate our offerings (including the services we provide) as well as our marketing and business models. We will never rest on our laurels and will not fear cannibalizing our solutions. We expect and encourage innovation to come from anyone, including our users.
We don’t expect our mission to be completely realized overnight. In fact, we believe ongoing success can only come with hard and continuous effort. Obstacles will be overcome to achieve our mission.
Optimism + Realism
We blend optimism with realism. Our vision is bold, and we are optimistic that we will achieve it. However, we must be realistic in that pursuit. We will not tolerate persistent pessimism nor mistake it for realism.
Life First
We are here to improve and prolong lives. We will not do so by draining the life of all those involved in Medivizor. We value life of our users, our partners, and our employees.

Advisory Board

Featured News

Six Companies That Are Reimagining Existing Tech TrendsForbes | Ilya Pozin Oct 14, 2014

Medivizor helps users understand and access medical information about serious or chronic diseases while providing the necessary context about where it came from. The unique platform combines patent-pending personalization technology with easy-to-understand synopses of complex medical material, and mixes in the wisdom of the crowd. Read full news post

Website provides free personalized medical information for common conditionsThe Boston Globe / Deborah Kotz Jul 02, 2014

Doctors often warn patients to avoid Internet searches of their medical conditions because there’s so much junk science that turn up on web searches. But there are certainly reliable websites out there that can provide valuable information like the American Cancer Society and National Cancer Institute, which provide up-to-date resources for patients on a variety of cancers. The main drawback of such sites, however, is that you may need to spend hours wading through the ton of information they contain to find answers to specific questions. Enter a free website called Medivizor, which allows patients to input information about their cancer, heart disease, or diabetes diagnosis as well as their age, gender, body weight, and other health factors in order to get a personalized report online with recommended links for further reading. Read full news post

10 Online Health Resources to Recommend to PatientsPhysicians Practice Mar 26, 2015

Dr. Google's not all bad. But even if you're sold on the 24/7 availability of healthcare information online, the never-ending breadth of data out there is actually part of the problem. How are patients to find and discern what is truly valuable from it all? By recommending the following resources to patients, you and your staff can both encourage patients to be self-empowered and deter them from being taken advantage of by (sometimes purposefully) inaccurate online advisers. Read full blog post

Medivizor Sends You and Your Doctor Personalized Health InformationA Sweet Life Feb 25, 2014

I don’t like messages “pushed” at me online. But I’ve found a resource – – that does exactly that, yet benefits me. Medivizor sources the specific things I’m interested to learn more about in diabetes, and sends them directly to me. Medivizor is a new and unique online health information service that personalizes health information for patients, caregivers and medical professionals, and sends it to you via email. The service is free and the information is specific and relevant to your condition, situation, needs and interests. Read full blog post

Latest News

Web innovator offers unique, personalized health informationCanadian Healthcare Technology Mar 31, 2016

LAS VEGAS, NEV.-A U.S.-Israeli startup company - with substantial Canadian ties - has created the world's first "personalized health information service." The web-based solution pushes information about the latest medical research and treatments to subscribers and tailors that information to match their particular medical conditions. Read full news post

AARP Unveils 10 Finalists for Health Innovation@50+ LivePitchAARP and HIT Mar 29, 2016

AARP is pleased to announce the ten finalist companies for its fifth Health Innovation@50+ LivePitch event which will be held Wednesday, April 27, at Plug and Play Tech Center in Sunnyvale, CA. Ten startup health tech companies focused on caregiving were selected from over 200 applicants to pitch their businesses at this unique one day dual-pitch event. (Medivizor among the 10 finalists) Read full news post

Medivizor: Información personalizada y rigurosa para pacientes crónicosCampus Sanofi Jan 07, 2016

(Translated in part by Google Translate): Medivizor: personalized and accurate information for chronic patients: Technological advances in the health field do not focus only on studies, experiments and clinical trials. There is a trend aimed at increasing the quantity and quality of information given to patients about their health condition. In cases of people suffering from chronic diseases , efforts are focused on improving their welfare and quality of life, through the deep understanding of their condition and the direct exchange with their doctors and other professionals whose experience has been become the cornerstone of digital medical tools. For patients, it is most important to have resources that facilitate access and select medically reliable content. Read full blog post

startup nations | Israeli companies revolutionizing digital health Dec 17, 2015

One of the hottest sectors in the global health care industry is the digital health market, which is expected to grow to over $233 billion by 2020. The proliferation of Internet-connected medical devices and wearables, combined with the growing adoption of cloud computing and workflow management applications by health care organizations, are driving the health care industry’s shift to providing more efficient medical solutions at more affordable prices... Here are two examples of Israeli companies disrupting health care:... Read full news post


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