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Our Mission

Improve the lives of people with serious or chronic medical conditions and of those who care for them.
Effectively apply software and the social web to the field of health for the betterment of humanity.

Our Values

We respect what patients and medical professionals cope with on a day-to-day basis. We respect the patients’ and their caregivers’ rights to know all information about their medical conditions, whether positive or negative, whether or not disclosed to them by their medical team. We respect the professionalism and interests of medical professionals involved in helping people prolong and improve their lives. We respect our partners, employees, healthcare professionals, and other stakeholders, and will treat them with the respect they deserve.
We will continuously innovate our offerings (including the services we provide) as well as our marketing and business models. We will never rest on our laurels and will not fear cannibalizing our solutions. We expect and encourage innovation to come from anyone, including our users.
We don’t expect our mission to be completely realized overnight. In fact, we believe ongoing success can only come with hard and continuous effort. Obstacles will be overcome to achieve our mission.
Optimism + Realism
We blend optimism with realism. Our vision is bold, and we are optimistic that we will achieve it. However, we must be realistic in that pursuit. We will not tolerate persistent pessimism nor mistake it for realism.
Life First
We are here to improve and prolong lives. We will not do so by draining the life of all those involved in Medivizor. We value life of our users, our partners, and our employees.

Advisory Board

Featured News

Innovation Celebrated at GIANT Health Event with Beanstalks CompetitionGIANT Health Nov 30, 2018

Five highly innovative start-ups have been celebrated in the international competition, Beanstalks, which took place at the GIANT Health Event last week at Chelsea Football Club, London. ... The Beanstalks Healthcare Startup of the Year was won by Tal Givoly from Medivizor. The service provides personalised, summarised healthcare information, free of charge, to people suffering from conditions ranging from infertility to melanoma. Read full news post

Medivizor uses AI to put patients in the driver's seatMobiHealthNews Apr 18, 2019

At MEDinIsrael 2019, Medivizor CEO Tal Givoly explains why his startup distills cutting-edge medical science to patients. Interviewed by Jonah Comstock of MobilHealthNews. Watch the video

LLS Community Helps Blood Cancer Patients and Caregivers Find Online Support and Cutting-Edge Health InformationThe Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Jun 19, 2017

LLS Community grows to nearly 5,000 users in one year. New collaboration with Medivizor will provide patients and caregivers with personalized, accurate and easy-to-understand medical information. Read full news post

10 Online Health Resources to Recommend to PatientsPhysicians Practice Mar 26, 2015

Dr. Google's not all bad. But even if you're sold on the 24/7 availability of healthcare information online, the never-ending breadth of data out there is actually part of the problem. How are patients to find and discern what is truly valuable from it all? By recommending the following resources to patients, you and your staff can both encourage patients to be self-empowered and deter them from being taken advantage of by (sometimes purposefully) inaccurate online advisers. Read full blog post

Latest News

My Personal Therapeutics and Medivizor Announce a Collaboration AgreementMy Personal Therapeutics & Medivizor Aug 31, 2020

My Personal Therapeutics, a London-based biotechnology and digital therapeutics company is pleased to announce its latest collaboration in a series of partnership agreements to further enable access to personalised cancer treatment worldwide. Its most recent collaboration with Medivizor, a NY/Israel-based start-up offering a multi-award winning personalised healthcare platform for chronically ill patients, aims to facilitate access to the most advanced personalised cancer treatment available to cancer patients worldwide. Medivizor’s service provides personalised, summarised healthcare information, free of charge, to people suffering from chronic conditions. Read full news post

MedEvoke and Medivizor Sign Multi-Year Agreement to Streamline Clinical Trial Recruitment Efforts for Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical Device ClientsMedEvoke & Medivizor Aug 07, 2020

With the combination of Medivizor’s robust and detailed disease state patient communities and personalized, patient-specific content and MedEvoke’s strong analytics and creative tactical approach to recruitment, retention, and compliance, the combination will take the trials directly to the patient. Read full news post

Israeli health tech startups to head to UK to showcase waresThe Times of Israel Jan 12, 2020

A delegation of 10 Israeli heath technology startups will be visiting the UK next month as part of a bid by UK healthcare organizations to build more modern and effective healthcare services, and address the problems of overcrowded clinics and insufficient resources. Read full news post

10 Israeli Health-Tech startups are going to LondonUK Israel Tech HUB Jan 09, 2020

We are happy to announce the 10 Israeli Heath-Tech Startups that will join us on the TeXchange2020 Health Innovation programme. The 10 Israeli companies were selected by a UK-Israeli judging panel, out of almost 100 applicants, and will go to London this February. The companies will meet and engage with the UK’s leading healthcare stakeholders in the fields of Big Pharma, healthcare provision, pharmacy retail, local and national government, and more. Read full news post


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