“Step aside Dr. Google; Enter Medivizor!”

Anne Marie Ciccarella

Breast cancer survivor, blogger (@chemobrainfog) & patient advocate

"You are providing a wonderful service to the medical communities of both doctors and patients. "

Duane M Paul

“Medivizor provides me reliable, clear & personalized info!"

Kara & Lucas Hornbuckle

Mother & son, duo living with type one diabetes

“Medivizor is ahead of the curve”

Fard Johnmar

Founder & President of Enspektos, a leading digital health innovation consultancy

“Reliable, relevant cancer info delivered straight to my inbox”

Robyn Stoller

Cancer advocate & blogger (@cancerHAWK)

Medivizor Wins Contest!

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And the winner is ... Medivizor!

Overwhelmed by searching the internet about your medical condition? If you have a serious or chronic medical condition, Medivizor can help.

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About Us

Medivizor seeks to improve the quality of lives of those facing serious or chronic medical conditions. We know life happens so we use the latest software and the social web in a more personal way so you and your loved one can be more informed and up to date.


What is Medivizor?


Anne Marie Ciccarella

"I was diagnosed with invasive lobular breast cancer in July 2006, had a bilateral radical mastectomy with reconstruction and I am currently NED. I am also a caregiver for my 3-time diagnosed mom.

From the moment I discovered Medivizor and took it to a test drive I was impressed – clean, uncluttered and easy to use. No splashy headlines. Just facts. Medical facts in words we can understand. No worries about information overflow – only information relevant to my specific case.

On a scale of one to ten? A wow factor of eleven."

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Listen to interview with Anne Marie here.

Duane M Paul

August 2, 2014
Tal Givoly, Co-Founder, CEO Medivizor, medivizor.com

Dear Mr. Givoly,

I am impressed with your company and the service it provides to patients like me that need further education as to their medical condition following a diagnosis or surgery.

When Dr. Lee of NY Weill Cornell signed me up I was very reluctant to try the service because I am a poor reader, with a short memory span and quite frankly have enough reading to do every day with my work. I also limited the number of times a week I wanted to receive your research which I would be happy to increase. Although my surgery so far was successful and I have not had a bad PSA reading, I appreciate the knowledge I am still gaining. I tried to sign up for your reports on heart valve replacements, but so far haven’t found any. The same is true with respect to prostate cancer and the AUS implant I was given two years ago.

In my opinion you are providing a wonderful service to the medical communities of both doctors and patients. Please feel free to use this letter as a testimonial if it will help.

Very truly yours,

Duane M. Paul
Vernon, NJ
We the People of the United States.org

Kara & Lucas Hornbuckle

"I have been living with type one diabetes for over 26 years.

In August 2012, my two-year-old son Lucas was also diagnosed with diabetes. Immediately following Lucas's diagnosis, I was determined to find the most up to date research studies related to a new onset of type one diabetes.

A friend referred me to Medivizor. I was instantly impressed with the high quality and personalized information that Medivizor provided relating to the treatment of diabetes.
Indeed Medivizor has given me hope".

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Fard Johnmar

"Today, when people proactively look for medical content, they start with a search engine like Google. Soon, significant numbers of people may instead rely on technologies that automatically filter and deliver health information to them. This would be a fantastic development for consumers, as they would no longer have to spend much time finding high-quality and understandable information. While this scenario may sound futuristic, the personalized health content future is closer than we think.

Organizations that curate, explain and deliver personalized health content will win the future and Medivizor is ahead of the curve."

Read insights from Fard's analysis here.

Robyn Stoller

"The more knowledgeable a patient, the easier it is to advocate, and patients who advocate for themselves tend to have better outcomes.

Medivizor can help make you even more knowledgeable about your cancer. The information you receive has been re-written in plain English. No medical degree or PhD required to comprehend the articles.

Medivizor even bottom-line’s the information for you… literally."

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Doctors 2.0 & You Startup Contest

Doctors 2.0 & You has been called "THE" international annual event for Health & Medicine 2.0 and Healthcare Social Media.

We're so excited that Medivizor won the startup contest at this prestigious event. We thank our subscribers, followers, and supporters for your tremendous feedback and support.

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