Medivizor’s Mission is to:

Improve the lives of people with serious or chronic medical conditions and of those who care for them.
Effectively apply software and the social web to the
field of health for the betterment of humanity.


The values by which we live and operate at Medivizor are:

Respect – We respect what patients and medical professionals cope with on a day-to-day basis. We respect the patients’ and their caregivers’ rights to know all information about their medical conditions, whether positive or negative, whether or not disclosed to them by their medical team. We respect the professionalism and interests of medical professionals involved in helping people prolong and improve their lives. We respect our partners, employees, healthcare professionals, and other stakeholders, and will treat them with the respect they deserve.

Innovation – We will continuously innovate our offerings (including the services we provide) as well as our marketing and business models. We will never rest on our laurels and will not fear cannibalizing our solutions. We expect and encourage innovation to come from anyone, including our users.

Perseverance – We don’t expect our mission to be completely realized overnight. In fact, we believe ongoing success can only come with hard and continuous effort. Obstacles will be overcome to achieve our mission.

Optimism + Realism – We blend optimism with realism. Our vision is bold, and we are optimistic that we will achieve it. However, we must be realistic in that pursuit. We will not tolerate persistent pessimism nor mistake it for realism.

Life First – We are here to improve and prolong lives. We will not do so by draining the life of all those involved in Medivizor. We value life of our users, our partners, and our employees.

Dr. Oren Fuerst

Executive Chairman

Dr. Fuerst is a serial entrepreneur, investor, advisor and inventor of technologies commercialized by numerous leading medical companies, including Becton Dickinson (NYSE: BDX). He serves as the Managing Director of Strategic Models, a New York-based investment- and ideas-nurturing boutique, which he founded in 1999.

Among his latest initiatives, in 2009 he co-founded and became Chairman of Circ MedTech, a developer of an HIV-prevention medical device, and in 2010 he co-founded LabStyle Innovations, a developer of a smartphone blood-based glucose monitor. Dr. Fuerst also co-founded and became Chairman of Tevel Global, a global network of Angel investors with a focus on Israeli-related technology companies. Dr. Fuerst was the initiator and co-Director of the Technology Valuation Executive Program at Columbia Business School, and served as a faculty member at Yale University School of Management and Yale International Center for Finance, focusing on International and Technology Valuation and Management.

Dr. Fuerst has written many publications on entrepreneurship, technology valuation, and strategy (including “From Concept to Wall Street” published by Prentice Hall), and columns for leading financial newspapers (including the Financial Times).

Dr. Fuerst holds an M.Phil. and Ph.D. from Columbia University Business School. He holds a Dual Magma Cum Laude Bachelor’s degree from Tel Aviv University in Accounting and Economics.

Tal Givoly

Chief Executive Officer

Tal has over 25 years of systems and software development experience. He has held management positions in technology, innovation, intellectual property, research, development, standards, and product management at Amdocs, XACCT, MIS, and other companies, with a proven track record in “realizing visions,” both in startups from inception and in multinational corporations.

Tal was Chief Scientist at Amdocs (NYSE: DOX) and led innovation activities across the company including heading up Amdocs’ technology incubation unit and open innovation programs (2004-2011).

Tal is a prolific inventor with over 25 granted patents and many more pending. He is recognized for his passion for, and expertise in, innovation, being invited to speak at major industry events such as Mobile World Congress and CTIA. He was also actively involved in industry forums and standard bodies including the TM Forum, IETF, ATIS, and Tal was a director on the board of and TM Forum. He holds a Dual B.Sc. Cum Laude in Mathematics and Physics from Tel Aviv University.

Dr. Steven Kaplan

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Kaplan is a world-renowned urologist and researcher, and co-founded numerous technology initiatives, including MediData Solutions (NASDAQ: MDSO), the largest clinical trials data management company. He received a BS in biochemistry from CUNY - Brooklyn College in 1978 and graduated from Mount Sinai School of Medicine in 1982. Dr. Kaplan was the Given Foundation Professor of Urology, as well as Vice Chairman of the Department of Urology at Columbia University from 1998– 2005. He also served as Administrator and Chief Financial Officer of the Department.

Currently, Dr. Kaplan is the E. Darracott Vaughan Professor of Urology and Chief of the Institute of Bladder and Prostate Health at Weill Cornell Medical College, and Director of the Iris Cantor Men's Health Center at New York Presbyterian Hospital. Dr. Kaplan is a Diplomate of the American Board of Urology and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. He is a recognized authority on the study of benign diseases of the prostate and female urology. He has published more than 750 articles and 140 abstracts, and has made over 275 presentations in more than 35 countries.

Dr. Kaplan is a member of more than 30 professional organizations and holds several leadership positions at both The New York Presbyterian Hospital and the American Urologic Association. He has been awarded five NIH (National Institutes of Health) grants. He was awarded the John K. Lattimer Award for Lifetime Achievement in Urology by the National Kidney Foundation.

Ronen Keinan

Chief Operating Officer

In his capacity as COO, Ronen is chartered with spearheading Medivizor’s marketing, business development, operations and development activities.

Ronen is a leader with 20 years of software business experience and a proven delivery record in developing leading-edge enterprise software products in large corporations and co-founding startup initiatives. He held leadership roles in research and development, product management, marketing, and operations.

Before joining Medivizor, Ronen held the position of Vice President of Portfolio Management at Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN), leading product management and marketing of the integrated offering, the Technology Office, and operational entities. He established the Portfolio Unit and spearheaded the software portfolio business transformation.

Prior to joining NSN, Ronen held a variety of leadership roles within Amdocs (NYSE: DOX), ranging from leading large software engineering teams worldwide and establishing the Amdocs BSS and OSS Portfolio Lab, to his most recent role with Amdocs as Head of the Amdocs Program Management Unit.

Among other activities, Ronen also co-founded a startup in the e-commerce domain and led the development of several aerospace software programs.

Ronen is known for his passionate inspiration and execution style, innovative spirit, and endless energy.

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Solution - How Does it Work?

Medivizor fulfills its mission by providing people with serious or chronic medical conditions (or those who care for them) with personalized information updates that are relevant, understandable, and actionable.

The service is different from other services because what we provide is truly personalized. We believe that we can solve the ‘needle in the haystack’ challenge. By knowing about the person who is sick and his/her particular condition, our technology will sift through available information and select just what is credible and relevant. We couple this with insights from our medical team and with information gleaned from the social web such that the resulting information is:

Relevant – we aim to provide only information that is truly relevant to an individual.

Understandable – we provide the information in words most can understand.

Actionable – we would like to help you identify your possible options.

Your personalized information relies on professional online medical publications and could include cutting-edge research, clinical trials, new treatments, relevant medical institutions, experts, and more.

Once you register for your private and free account, you are requested to answer several questions describing yourself and your medical conditions (or those of the person you are caring for). Medivizor then begins to provide you personalized information updates – suited just for you.

Medivizor is currently in an public beta and supports several important medical conditions, including 88% of cancer incidence (breast cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, lung cancer, and melanoma), diabetes, 75% of cardiovascular disease incidence (hypertension, coronary artery disease / heart disease / heart attack, and stroke), and infertility. We will expand gradually to support additional conditions.

If you are interested in checking us out because you are coping with one of the supported conditions or caring for someone else who is, simply go to and follow the simple, free registration instructions.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

What do you do with my personal information?

Your personal information and that of all patients is not shared without your explicit permission. Your identity does not need to be shared with us. To provide you with relevant medical information, Medivizor needs you to provide us some information, with as much detail as you would like to provide. Medivizor will need to know your email address to be able to get back to you. You will have control of whether you would like to be connected to a third party, if Medivizor thinks that would be beneficial to you or the person you care for. Our full privacy policy is posted here.

If I’m not the person that’s sick, can I enter and obtain information for someone else?

Yes. When you sign up, we’ll ask you whether you are entering information for yourself or for someone you care for. You’ll be asked to provide a nickname for yourself and for the person who’s sick so we can clearly refer to each of you. You will be asked to enter medical information you know about the person who is sick. If you don’t know some of the information, enter all that you can and we’ll ask you to complete some of the rest later on after you have obtained it. The more you provide, the more specific and personalized the information we provide will be.

Is this service free?

Yes, the basic service of personalized information updates is free of charge for the people that cope with serious or chronic medical conditions or those who care for them. Over time, we may introduce additional valuable services with associated costs. In no case will you be surprised about any cost, and we intend to keep most, if not all, of the valuable service available for free to its users.

How do you make money?

While the basic service of personalized information updates is free, Medivizor may introduce additional valuable services with associated costs. In future, we may add some advertising to help support the free service. Since we would like to help connect people with information, clinical trials, researchers, service providers, experts, and others that are relevant to them, we may also collect revenue from such third parties. We will not share your individual personal information with others without your consent. In any case, we will decide whether or not to provide information solely based on it's potential benefit to our users.

How do you handle my personal and sensitive information?

We take the utmost measures to ensure that your personally identifiable information is never compromised. We consider the privacy of your information as our highest responsibility. We comply with HIPAA and review our security/privacy practices on an ongoing basis.

Who are you and why should I trust you?

Medivizor is a startup. Our executive management team is posted here. Our mission is to improve the lives of people with serious or chronic medical conditions and those who care for them, and to effectively apply software and the social web to the field of health for the betterment of humanity. Therefore, our interests are clearly aligned with yours. We will keep your information private per our privacy policy. The information we provide is determined by our technology, medical expertise, and information we obtain. We do not provide medical advice or medical diagnosis. The intent is that any information we provide would be discussed with your healthcare professional.

I signed up. Why didn’t I get my invitation yet?

The service is currently in public beta while we continue to perfect the service. As we continue to improve our service, feedback from our users is vital to the this process. We currently support a few important medical conditions. If we support the medical condition you told us about when you signed up, you will receive an email immediately. If you haven’t received the email to activate your account, don't hesitate to contact us via email at If we don’t yet support your medical condition, we’ll let you know as soon as we do. Thank you for your patience as we gradually add more medical conditions and improve the service for the benefit of you and others.

Can I see an example of material I will receive?

Medivizor provides personalized health information that includes the state of the art of medical science, cutting-edge research, clinical trials, guidelines, lifestyle tips, and more. For example: Medivizor would take this research paper published in The New England Journal of Medicine when it gets pubished and summarizes it and its implication in a way mere mortals can understand (10th grade English reading level) - and send it only to the people for which it is personally relevant! In fact, that's exactly what Robyn Stoller (@CancerHAWK and now reporting for Huffington Post) found most compelling when she evaluated Medivizor. Check out a sample of items from our repository here.

Contact Us

For any question or comment please feel free to contact us at:

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