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Posted by on May 26, 2018 in Hodgkin's lymphoma | 0 comments

In a nutshell

This study investigated the effect of tandem stem cell transplantation (SCT) in patients with high-risk relapsed/refractory Hodgkin Lymphoma (HL). The main finding was that patients treated with tandem SCT had greater progression-free survival than those without.

Some background

A SCT involves the transfer of stem cells into the patient to suppress the disease and restore the patient's immune system. A tandem SCT involves the patient receiving two SCTs within 6 months of each other while an autologous SCT (ASCT) is a SCT using the patient’s own healthy bone-marrow cells. An allogenic SCT (alloSCT) involves the transplantation of stem cells from a donor to the patient.

Methods and findings

One hundred and twenty HL patients aged 14-56 were included in this study. In total, 96% of patients had one ASCT and this was followed by a second SCT in 61% of which 60% of patients had an alloSCT and 40% had an ASCT in 29 (40%).  Sixty percent of patients were cured by the SCR which included 33% of patients who were treated with one type of chemotherapy and 27% who were treated with at least two types of chemotherapy. There were 10 deaths related to the tandem SCT, 4 who received ASCT and 6 who received alloSCT. After two years, progression free survival, without the HL worsening, was 71% for those who received both SCTs.

The bottom line

This study suggests that tandem SCT is effective in treating HL, however there were high death rates associated with the SCT. To increase SCT effectiveness patients should also be treated with chemotherapy or biological therapy.

The fine print

This study only included patients registered on the French HL database; therefore the results may not be representative of HL patients elsewhere.

What’s next?

If you have questions about managing your HL please consult your doctor.

Flesch Kincaid Grade level: 11.20

Published By :

British Journal of Haematology

Date :

Apr 02, 2018

Original Title :

Tandem haematopoietic stem cell transplantation for High Risk relapsed/refractory Hodgkin Lymphoma: a LYSA study.

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