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Posted by on Jun 22, 2018 in Nocturia | 0 comments

In a nutshell

This study investigated the use of an oxybutynin (Oxytrol) patch in adult patients with nocturia. The study concluded that the oxybutynin patch helps improve both nocturia-related symptoms and sleep quality for overactive bladder patients with nocturia.

Some background

Nocturia is common among patients with overactive bladder (OAB), and repetitive sleep interruptions can seriously effect quality of life and overall health.

The oxybutynin patch is a once-daily patch applied to the skin. Oxybutynin relaxes the bladder muscle, reducing the urge to urinate. Oxybutynin has been widely used to treat overactive bladder for many years, but few studies have reported its impact on nocturia.

Methods & findings

This study analyzed data from 576 patients with OAB and nocturia. Patients were randomized to receive the oxybutynin patch (treatment group), or a placebo, for 12 weeks.

The number daily urination episodes (voids) was decreased by an average of 1.45 with the oxybutynin patch, compared to a decrease of 1.05 among patients receiving a placebo. Nighttime voids were also decreased by an average of 0.66 voids with treatment, compared to a 0.51 reduction with the placebo. These differences were statistically significant.

Importantly, additional sleep time was noted in the treatment group (76.14 minutes until the first nightly void) compared to the placebo group (56.07 minutes).

The bottom line

This study concluded that the oxybutynin patch helps improve both nocturia-related symptoms and sleep quality for nocturia patients with overactive bladder.

The fine print

Three of the authors of this study are employed by Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical, the manufacturer of the oxybutynin patch in Japan. Eight of the authors are also members of the advisory board for this company.

The data collected for this study came from a clinical trial that compared the oxybutynin patch to a similar drug as well as a placebo. This design is different from that of the current study. Therefore, these results need to be interpreted with caution. More studies focusing on nocturia patients are needed to confirm these results.

Published By :

International journal of urology : official journal of the Japanese Urological Association

Date :

Jul 01, 2015

Original Title :

Once-daily oxybutynin patch improves nocturia and sleep quality in Japanese patients with overactive bladder: Post-hoc analysis of a phase III randomized clinical trial.

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