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Posted by on Dec 9, 2017 in Breast cancer | 0 comments

In a nutshell

This study aimed to compare the effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), yoga, and self-hypnosis as psychological interventions for breast cancer patients. This study found that mind-body therapies are an effective approach.

Some background

There are many side effects that can be associated with cancer diagnosis and treatment. These include not just the physical symptoms, but emotional distress and sleep problems as well. There are psychological interventions available to reduce emotional distress, sleep difficulties and fatigue in breast cancer patients. Yoga, CBT and self-hypnosis are commonly used. CBT is a type of therapy that tries to give the patient tools to manage their anxiety or depression. It is unclear what effect these treatments have long-term.

Methods & findings

123 patients chose to partake in yoga, CBT, self-hypnosis or no treatment at all. Emotional distress, fatigue and sleep quality were assessed before and nine months after treatment. 

Nine months after treatment, there was a significant decrease in anxiety, depression and fatigue in the self-hypnosis group. Yoga participants experienced a decrease in anxiety, but this was less significant compared to the self-hypnosis group. There was no difference experienced by the CBT group. 

The bottom line

This study found that mind-body therapies, such as yoga and self-hypnosis, lead to an improved psychological state of mind. 

The fine print

Further research is necessary to understand how these different treatments can lead to greater psychological wellbeing. It is important to note all patients in this study had already completed breast cancer treatment. 

What’s next?

Psychological interventions may be of benefit. 

Published By :

British Journal of Cancer

Date :

Sep 19, 2017

Original Title :

Group interventions to reduce emotional distress and fatigue in breast cancer patients: a 9-month follow-up pragmatic trial.

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