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In a nutshell

This trial will investigate if the success of deferred embryo transfer (DET) is affected by pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS). The main outcome measured will be the live birth rate. This trial takes place in California, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania, the United States.

The details

Infertility is a condition that affects many couples. In order to conceive, a couple may choose to undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF). During IVF, a sperm fertilizes an egg in a laboratory setting (in vitro). Once fertilized it is called an embryo. Embryos can be transferred to the uterus immediately. They can also be frozen and transferred at a later stage. Pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS) is a technique that can be done on embryos. It can detect if there are any genetic defects in the embryos. In order to do PGS, the embryo must be allowed to grow in vitro for additional days. It is not clear if this affects the success of IVF in terms of birth rates.  

This trial will investigate if the success of deferred embryo transfer (DET) is affected by PGS. The main outcome will be the live birth rate.

Who are they looking for?

This trial will recruit 1539 women undergoing IVF. This must be the first or second attempt at IVF. Participants must have a normal uterine cavity (womb).

Patients cannot take part in this trial if they have a history of recurrent pregnancy loss or genetic abnormalities. Medical conditions that may interfere with the trial will also exclude participants from the trial. 

How will it work

Participants will be randomly assigned to one of three groups. All participants will undergo IVF treatment. One group will have their embryos undergo PGS before frozen embryo transfer (FET). Another group will undergo FET without PGS. The third group will undergo IVF followed by immediate (fresh) embryo transfer.

The main outcome will be the live birth rate after embryo transfer.

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