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Matthew Katz, MD is Medical Director, Radiation Oncology at Lowell General Hospital in the Greater Boston Area.  But those on Twitter and in the blogosphere know him as “subatomicdoc”:  a ‘handle’ he’s been using for a number of years on the Internet.

Thursday December 12, Dr. Katz was the guest on the Health Communication, Health Literacy and Social Sciences Twitter chat #HCHLITSS and shared his experiences as a physician who is active on Twitter.

From early on he has understood the importance of being involved in social media.

Here are 5 reasons for being active on social media.

1)   Learning from patients:

As a guest on HCHLITSS, Dr. Katz was asked
Q3) @subatomicdoc You started to follow #bcsm during the second or third chat…what have you learned from #breastcancer #patients that you didn’t know before participating?

The Breast Cancer Social Media chat #BCSM started July 4, 2011 and Dr. Katz has been there providing guidance but also receiving support.


2)   Teaching patients:

Social media provides a rare opportunity to teach and reach thousands.

Many physicians worry about being misinterpreted on the Internet but Dr. Katz doesn’t.

3)   Continuing medical education:

Social media is pervasive in our society. Hiding from it isn’t productive.

4) Learning about your profession:

Through discussions with patients from all walks of life, physicians can learn more about the way they are perceived as a group.

And learning about yourself

5) Exchanging information with other healthcare providers:

Being active on social media can be a daunting prospect for physicians and other healthcare providers. But it is worth it.