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kidney stones



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  • Published: Aug 01, 2017
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  • Can kidney stones increase risk of heart attack and stroke?

    In a nutshell

    This study researched the evidence that kidney stones increase risk of coronary heart disease (CHD – narrowing of blood vessels in the heart that may lead to heart attack) and stroke. The study found that kidney stones increase the risk of CHD and stroke.

    Some background

    Kidney stones are a common problem that can lead to pain and chemical changes in the body. Cardiovascular issues such as coronary heart disease (CHD) are a common problem that can lead to heart attacks or stroke. It is important to research if there is a link between kidney stones and CHD and stroke.

    Methods & findings

    A meta-analysis (a review of all available research) was carried out on relevant studies. 8 studies of 11 different groups were included. These involved 3,658,360 participants and 157,037 cases.

    Overall, kidney stones were associated with a 24% increased risk of CHD and a 21% increased risk of stroke. The risk of CHD was 23% higher in men with kidney stones than women. The risk of stroke was 12% higher in women with kidney stones than men.

    The bottom line

    The study concluded that kidney stones were linked with a higher risk of coronary heart disease and stroke.

    The fine print

    Not all studies included may have the same level of relevance. Different types of kidney stones were not assessed.

    What's next?

    Talk to your doctor about reducing your risk of CHD and stroke if you have had kidney stones.

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    1. Alan Jul 10, 2018

      Don’t need a study to know this is true. I produce too much calcium so I knew my calcium kidney stones would lead to other problems which it eventually did Reply

    2. Pierre Jan 28, 2019

      I was prescribed to tablets, Carvedilol tablets, Atorvastatin tablets in addition to Potassium citrate. Have done this for a couple of years now, I am fine. Reply


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