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Reduce anxiety, empower the people you support

Educate patients about their medical situation

Accelerate research and clinical trial outcomes

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Providing patients and caregivers ever-green and engaging content

Integrating Medivizor content and technology seamlessly into your app or site

Provide personally-relevant content for each patient

Increase reach of your organization, assets, and capabilities

Every day, hundreds of research papers are published. Also, there are thousands of clinical trials. Patients and doctors simply can't stay abreast with the rapid advance of medical science.

Medivizor curates and summarizes trusted medical science, including treatment options, clinical trials, guidelines, and research papers.

Increase your global impact. Partner with Medivizor.

If you don't find your medical condition on our list...

We invite you to partner with us and extend our reach to the patients you serve.
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Although each of our partnerships is tailored to a specific patient advocacy association, check out the links below to see what we’ve done with some of our current partners:

Sponsored content by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

A customized widget for NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

Blog posts in conjunction with Cancer Hawk

“By adding Medivizor, we are trying to provide you with all that you need to become an empowered healthcare consumer.” Dr. Brian Stork, West Shore Urology

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