Medivizor - Health information, personalized.


Medivizor can help biopharma find, educate, engage, and empower patients

What can we do for you?

Clinical development: Accelerate trial recruitment

Marketing: Reach your target patients

Engagement: Personalized, ever-green content

Developing and marketing new therapies takes years and costs billions. Medivizor's unique platform accelerates clinical trials with unique matching methods helping bring innovative therapies to market.

Medivizor can precisely nurture patient populations - especially, in hard-to-find to find patient populations.

Furthermore, Medivizor offers biopharma companies the opportunity
to support patients along the greater patient journey - leading to increased patient retention and adherence.

“By adding Medivizor, we are trying to provide you with all that you need to become an empowered healthcare consumer.” Dr. Brian Stork, West Shore Urology

Let us help you deliver your patients more value at less cost in a shorter time. 

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