Medivizor - Health information, personalized.

Applications and Sites

Medivizor can add value to your applications and websites by adding personalization technology and personalized, up-to-date, trusted, and understandable health content.

Why should you to partner with Medivizor....

Improve the lives of people with serious/chronic illness

Add relevant, personalized content on your app/site

Increase visitor retention and time spent on the app/site

Medivizor scans the infinitum of new medical literature and updates published annually and delivers the latest, trusted, clinically-relevant medical science, explained in language patients can understand.

By integrating Medivizor into your app/site, you will increase the breadth and accuracy of your app/site.

Medivizor gives apps/sites high quality tools to personalize content for each individual visitor.


Medivizor provides a widget for the NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital’s website that acts as an on-boarding portal. Further, Medivizor provides updated and relevant blog-content for various websites, ***such as X***. Medivizor also sponsors smaller widgets, as ***seen on X***, that blend into any page of a website.

“By adding Medivizor, we are trying to provide you with all that you need to become an empowered healthcare consumer.” Dr. Brian Stork, West Shore Urology

Let us help you deliver your patients more value at less cost in a shorter time. 

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