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In a nutshell

This trial aims to assess the safety and effectiveness of an experimental drug, CYT-0851 in the treatment of B-cell and solid tumors, including breast cancer, that have come back or are no longer responsive to treatments. The main outcomes to be measured are the side effects and the overall response to the treatment. This trial is being carried out at multiple sites across the United States. 

The details

Cancers that have come back or no longer respond to standard treatments are difficult to treat. New treatments are needed for these patients. CYT-0851 is an experimental medication that blocks the ability of a protein called RAD51 to repair damaged DNA. This in turn leads to cancer cell death.

This trial is aiming to assess CYT-0851 as a potential treatment for tumors that have come back or no longer respond to standard treatments. The main outcomes to be measured are the drug side effects and the response to treatment.

Who are they looking for?

This trial is looking to recruit 320 patients with B-cell or solid tumors, including breast cancer, that have come back or progressed despite previous approved treatments. Patients must be willing to undergo tumor biopsy (tissue sample) and must not be pregnant or breastfeeding (female patients) and agree to use effective birth control during the study and up to 3 months after the last study dose. 

Patients will be excluded from the trial if they have cancer spread to the brain, spinal cord involvement, and poor liver, kidney, or white blood cell function. Patients will also be excluded if they have uncontrolled heart disease or infections such as HIV, hepatitis, or lung infections. Patients with mental problems, significant eye disease, those with unresolved side effects from previous treatments and wo are participating in another clinical trial will not be included.

How will it work

All patients will receive the drug CYT-0851 orally for the trial duration. The drug will be combined with standard chemotherapy or immunotherapy.

Drug side effects will be followed for up to 12 months. The response rate to the medication will be measured for up to 24 months. 

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