Medivizor MD Program Intro

Background about Medivizor

Medivizor is an award-winning service providing patients, caregivers, and their medical teams personalized health information and updates.

When people cope with serious or chronic illness, they or their caregiver often become “chronic web researchers” seeking any information that can help. However, the Internet is overwhelming and it is nearly impossible to find just that reliable information that matters to their specific situation and they can understand.

Medivizor provides just the solution. Learn more about Medivizor by reviewing Medivizor’s web site. Medivizor is gradually rolling out support for all medical conditions – until then, here’s the list of currently supported conditions.

What is Medivizor MD?

Medivizor MD is a program in which doctors and clinics across the country are providing Medivizor to their patients as an optimal patient-specific educational resource. Already dozens have joined and we welcome your practice as well!


There are many more benefits, of which here are the highlights:

  • Provide great service to your patients: You will be able to seamlessly provide your patients the best and most up to date online health information – more likely to quench their thirst for knowledge than anything else you might provide them.
  • Save Time! Does it seems your patients are finding irrelevant / unreliable information online? With Medivizor, they’ll only get relevant information of the best/latest science, explained and summarized, so patients can understand it.
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  • Bonus: You too get notified about the cutting-edge information your patients receive (published research, clinical trials, updated guidelines, etc.).
  • Risk free: You can choose to discontinue participation at any time. Medivizor is HIPAA compliant.

What do doctors say?

Physician Practice include Medivizor in a top-10 listA few places, doctors and physician organizations have wrote about Medivizor and their experience with it via Medivizor MD. Here are a few:

How can I join?

Simple: Email and we’ll get you started in no-time! First, we’ll schedule a quick 15-20 minute call. Once all technical details of your clinic are clear, we’ll set everything up so you can begin prescribing Medivizor.


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