Powered by Medivizor

What is “Powered by Medivizor”?

The Internet includes massive amounts of “generic health information” – which the reader needs to figure out whether to trust, whether it’s cutting-edge/contemporary, and whether it applies to them.

Medivizor is a pioneering, award-winning, personalized health information and patient education platform. It does so through a combination of patent-pending technology, medical expertise, and the wisdom of the crowds. Medivizor combs through vast amount of new information and to make those life-saving, and quality-of-life-improving, hard-to-find information, understood and actionable by patients, caregivers, and their medical teams.

Partnering with Medivizor and becoming “Powered by Medivizor” allows 3rd parties to include Medivizor’s unique insights into their product or service. There are a variety of parties currently developing “Powered by Medivizor” services, including medical institutions, disease-specific non-profit organizations, health-related web sites, and health app providers.


There are many ways to contribute to the world. At Medivizor, we believe we have a unique way to do so, but we cannot do it alone and are happy to work with others! Adding these unique capabilities within your own product, service, app, or site, allows you to:

  • Increase value of your service – through your service, people now get value that they hadn’t received before.
  • Increase engagement – people interact for longer periods of time with information that matters to them brought to them when it counts most. That’s what Medivizor provides them.
  • Help patients and caregivers – many are trying to help. You can help by making Medivizor more accessible to more patients and caregivers.

Example implementations

Currently several “Powered by Medivizor” implementation projects are underway, as they go live, we’ll share the best examples here:

Next steps?

Medivizor is always interested in partnering with like-minded organizations – wishing to make the world a better place, and is eager to partner with many. If you would like to discuss with Medivizor how to leverage Medivizor’s personalized health information in your product, service, app, or site, simply email partners@medivizor.com and describe the joint opportunity you envision.

There is no cost or risk to initiate a discussion today – we look forward to hearing from you!


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