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Posted by on Jun 30, 2019 in Prostate cancer | 0 comments

In a nutshell

This study investigated the rate of bladder cancer (BC) and rectal cancer (RC) after localized prostate cancer (PC) treatment.

They found that brachytherapy (BT) increased the risk of BC and RC in these patients. 

Some background

Prostate cancer (PC) is a common cancer in men. There are many treatment options for PC. Some involve surgery. Surgery can be performed to remove the prostate gland. This is called radical prostatectomy (RP). A second option is brachytherapy (BT). BT involves surgically placing electrodes into the prostate. These electrodes conduct radiation. The radiation can kill cancer cells. 

Both RP and BT are effective treatments. There is some concern that BT may increase the risk of secondary cancers. Radiation can cause cells to become cancerous if administered in large doses. The prostate is located near the bladder and rectum. It is unclear if the risk of bladder cancer (BC) and rectal cancer (RC) is greater after treatment with BT.

Methods & findings

This study analyzed 318,058 patient records. All patients were diagnosed and treated for PC. 55,566 patients underwent BT. The rates of BC and RC were analyzed. 

The rate of BC and RC was 1.4% of the total population. BT-treated patients had higher rates of BC (2% vs 1% RP-treated patients). BT patients also had a higher rate of RC (0.4% vs. 0.3%).

After 20 years, the frequency of BC in BT-treated patients was 6% vs 2.4% in those who had RP. RC frequency after 20% was 1.1 for the BT group vs 0.5% in the RP group. The calculated risk of BC was 58% higher in BT-treated patients. The risk of RC was 59% higher in BT-treated patients. 

The bottom line

The authors concluded that BT increased the risk of BC and RC in patients with localized PC.

The fine print

This study was based on medical records. Some information might have been missing. This might affect the results.

Published By :

BJU international

Date :

May 30, 2019

Original Title :

Long-Term Incidence of Secondary Bladder, Rectal Cancer in Patients Treated with Brachytherapy for Localized Prostate Cancer: A Large-Scale Population-Based Analysis.

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