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Posted by on Sep 10, 2017 in Prostate cancer | 0 comments

In a nutshell

The authors aimed to determine the effects of yoga on fatigue, erectile dysfunction, urinary problems and quality of life (QoL) in men undergoing radiation therapy for prostate cancer.

The authors concluded that yoga twice-weekly during external beam radiation therapy (EBRT) significantly reduced pre-existing and radiation-related fatigue, urinary, and sexual dysfunction in prostate cancer patients.

Some background

Radiation therapy is a form of treatment used in prostate cancer. It works by sending targeted rays of radiation at the tumor site to kill the cancer cells. The are numerous types of radiation, such as EBRT. This treatment uses a machine to aim high-energy beams at the tumor site from outside of the body. This method is more accurate and causes less damage to surrounding healthy cells. This type of treatment can cause symptoms such as fatigue, erectile dysfunction, urinary problems and can affect overall QoL (ability to function on a social, physical and mental level) in men.

Yoga is a form of exercise that may be able to reduce symptoms experienced as a result of radiation therapy. However, further research is required. 

Methods & findings

The aim of this study is to determine the benefit of yoga in reducing symptoms caused by radiation and increasing overall QoL in men with prostate cancer.

68 men were included in this study (18 men withdrew early). All men were due to undergo 6-9 weeks of EBRT. 22 men in group 1 participated in yoga twice a week. 28 men in group 2 did not.

Patients in group 1 reported less fatigue compared to group 2. This was significant across global fatigue, effect of fatigue and severity of fatigue. Group 1 showed no change in sexual functioning. This was compared to group 2 which experienced a decrease in sexual functioning. This was significant at 4 weeks but not at end results.

There were improvements in emotional, physical, and social QoL factors with yoga, but there was no effect on general functioning.

The bottom line

The authors concluded that twice-weekly yoga during EBRT significantly reduced pre-existing and radiation-related fatigue and urinary and sexual dysfunction in prostate cancer patients.

What’s next?

Before beginning any new exercise program, discuss the benefits and risks with your doctor.

Published By :

International journal of radiation oncology, biology, physics

Date :

Aug 01, 2017

Original Title :

Effect of Eischens Yoga During Radiation Therapy on Prostate Cancer Patient Symptoms and Quality of Life: A Randomized Phase II Trial.

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