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Posted by on Oct 23, 2018 in Parkinson's Disease | 0 comments

In a nutshell

This study determined the effect of DA-9701 (Motilitone) on gastric motility (GM: movements of the digestive system) in patients with Parkinson’s disease. Researchers suggested that this drug improves GM in these patients.

Some background

Patients with Parkinson’s disease (PD) have an abnormal digestive function. This can result in a lower absorption of PD drugs which affects the treatment of these patients. 

Prokinetic drugs, such as domperidone, have been used to decrease GM symptoms in these patients. However, the available drugs are associated with negative side effects such as increased PD symptoms. DA-9701 is a new herbal drug used in Korea for digestive symptoms. A recent study using MRI scans showed that DA-9701 improves GM with manageable side effects in healthy volunteers. It is not known if DA-9701 is safe and effective in patients with PD.

Methods & findings

This study included 38 patients with PD treated with levodopa. Half were randomly selected to receive domperidone. The other half received DA-9701. The GM of these patients was evaluated by MRI scans, before and after 4 weeks of treatment.

Before treatment GM rate at 2 hours was similar between both groups. After 4 weeks of treatment, a 61.8% increase in GM was seen in the DA-9701 group. This increase was not seen in the domperidone group. 

Significantly more patients in the DA-9701 group had improved PD symptoms (73.7%) compared to the domperidone group (42.1%). There were minimal side effects reported similarly in both groups. There were no reports of PD symptoms worsening in either group.

The bottom line

This study determined that DA-9701 improves GM in patients with Parkinson’s disease without worsening PD symptoms.

The fine print

This study included a very small number of patients with PD. Patients that did not complain of gastric symptoms were also included. Further, larger studies are needed to confirm the safety and effectiveness of DA-9701 in these patients. 

What’s next?

Talk to your doctor if you have concerns about digestive symptoms.  

Published By :

Parkinsonism & related disorders

Date :

Sep 17, 2018

Original Title :

DA-9701 on gastric motility in patients with Parkinson’s disease: A randomized controlled trial.

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