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Posted by on Jun 30, 2019 in Parkinson's Disease | 0 comments

In a nutshell

This study investigated the effectiveness of a new carbidopalevodopa treatment for patients with Parkinson's disease. Researchers suggested that this treatment is associated with a better control of the symptoms.

Some background

Nearly one million people will have Parkinson's disease (PD) in the US by 2020. This disease attacks and kills brain cells. The abilities controlled by these cells are lost causing symptoms such as muscle weakness and impaired balance. The standard treatment for this disease is levodopa. However, long-term treatment is associated with an increased number of side effects and “off” periods. During off periods, symptoms start to return or worsen before the next dose of levodopa. This is mainly due to irregular blood levels of levodopa.

Accordion pill (AP) is an oral extended-release combined (carbidopalevodopa) pill. This method slowly releases the drugs to the blood. Prior studies showed the effectiveness of AP. However, it is not known whether AP would improve the treatment of patients with PD.

Methods & findings

This study included 63 participants with PD. These patients were assigned to receive AP or FR (fast release)-carbidopalevodopa twice daily.

Treatment with AP resulted in more stable levels of levodopa in the blood. This resulted in an improved “off” times and better control of the symptoms when compared to FR method. AP reduced the peak levels of levodopa in the blood by 57.1% in patients with advanced PD. The side effects in the AP group were like the ones known for FR.

The bottom line

This study concluded that AP improved levodopa release, increasing the control of symptoms in patients with advanced PD.

The fine print

This was a small phase 2 study. Phase 3 studies are ongoing.

Published By :

Parkinsonism & related disorders

Date :

Jun 03, 2019

Original Title :

Pharmacokinetics and efficacy of a novel formulation of carbidopa-levodopa (Accordion Pill®) in Parkinson’s disease.

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