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Posted by on Dec 30, 2018 in Non-Hodgkin lymphoma | 0 comments

In a nutshell

This study examined the effect of PET/CT scanning on the treatment and survival of patients with lymphoma. Researchers found that PET/CT improved the management plan and survival of these patients.

Some background

PET/CT are types of scans that detect changes in cells and tissues inside the body. They can be used to check the sites of cancer and if it has spread. It is often used to stage patients with cancer and guide their treatment. However, the effectiveness of PET/CT scans for management and survival of patients with lymphoma is still under investigation.

Methods & findings

850 patients newly diagnosed with lymphoma were included in this study. All patients received a PET/CT scan. First-line treatment before PET/CT staging was compared to the provided treatment. Survival and second-line therapy were compared to patients staged by CT alone. 

PET/CT helped to upstage 150 patients (17.6%). The treatment plan was changed in 224 patients (38.6%) after PET/CT. Patients who underwent PET/CT and were treated accordingly were more likely to have a better survival than patients who had CT alone.

The bottom line

The study concluded that PET/CT was more useful than CT scanning in staging and guiding treatment of patients with lymphoma.

The fine print

This study did not include patients who were downstaged after the PET/CT scan. This might have changed the results.

Published By :


Date :

Dec 04, 2018

Original Title :

Effect of PET/CT on the Management and Outcomes of Participants with Hodgkin and Aggressive Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma: A Multicenter Registry.

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