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Posted by on Apr 1, 2018 in Melanoma | 0 comments

In a nutshell

This study examined the side effects and health related quality of life (HRQL) of advanced melanoma patients treated with cobimetinib (Cotellic) plus vemurafenib (Zelboraf). Researchers suggested that these patients maintained their HRQL when compared with patients treated with vemurafenib alone.

Some background

Prior studies revealed improved outcomes for patients with advanced melanoma treated with cobimetinib and vemurafenib. Patients treated with this combination had a progression free survival (PFS; time from treatment to disease progression) of 9.9 months. The PFS was 6.2 months for patients treated with vemurafenib alone. The side effects related to both treatments were also similar, however certain negative side effects were more frequent in the combination treatment.

In addition to treatment effectiveness, it is important to investigate how the negative side effects of the combined treatment could affect HRQL.

Methods & findings

The objective of this study was to investigate if the side effects associated with the combined treatment with cobimetinib and vemurafenib affects HRQL.

495 patients were randomly assigned to receive the combined treatment (247) or vemurafenib alone (248). These patients responded to HRQL questionnaires at day 0, 1 and 15 in treatment cycles 1 and 2, and every second cycle thereafter until end of study.

Diarrhea, sensitivity to light, rash, fever and serous retinopathy (fluid leakage under the eye retina) were assessed for impact on HRQL. The combined treatment was associated with similar side effects and HRQL when compared to vemurafenib alone.

The bottom line

This study suggested that the negative side effects associated with vemurafenib combined with cobimetinib are not associated with a worse HRQL.

The fine print

This study was funded by F Hoffmann-La Roche-Genentech the producer of cobimetinib.

Published By :

British Journal of Cancer

Date :

Feb 13, 2018

Original Title :

Health-related quality of life impact of cobimetinib in combination with vemurafenib in patients with advanced or metastatic BRAFV600mutation-positive melanoma.

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