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Posted by on Jul 28, 2020 in Infertility | 0 comments

In a nutshell

This study investigated the use of stress scales in measuring the association between stress and poor testis function (PTF). They found that perceived stress (PS) is associated with reduced PTF. 

Some background

Male infertility is one of the leading causes of infertility for couples. Poor testis function (PTF) is becoming more common. PTF can include reduced sperm concentration. It can also include abnormal hormone levels. Understanding the causes of PTF could improve fertility treatment. 

Stress is one potential cause of PTF. Several studies have investigated the link between stress and PTF. Most of these studies used different stress scales. It can be difficult to understand if stress causes PTF. This is because PTF and infertility may also cause stress. A standardized approach to measuring stress is needed. It is unclear which stress scale is most useful to investigate the link to PTF.

Methods & findings

This study included 1,362 men. All men provided semen and blood samples. Men were also asked to complete three questionnaires. Each was part of a stress scale. These scales measured stress symptoms (S-SY), life events (S-LE), or perceived stress (PS). Semen quality (SQ) and hormone levels were measured. This was used to assess for PTF. 

Higher PS was associated with lower sperm concentration. It was also associated with lower sperm count and motility (movement). Higher PS was associated with higher levels of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). High FSH can be associated with infertility. S-LE was not associated with TF. 

The bottom line

The authors concluded that perceived stress is associated with reduced semen quality.

The fine print

This study suggests that feeling stressed is the most accurate indicator of stress related to testis function. The men in this study were undergoing an evaluation to join the military. This could cause a higher level of stress than would be experienced by most males. More studies are needed. 

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Date :

Jul 03, 2020

Original Title :

Impact of psychological stress measured in three different scales on testis function; A cross sectional study of 1,362 young men.

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