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Posted by on Mar 5, 2019 in Coronary artery disease | 0 comments

In a nutshell

This study investigated if optimism was associated with better angina outcomes. They found that ‘very optimistic’ (VO) patients had fewer angina episodes and better QOL.

Some background

Coronary artery disease (CAD) is any condition affecting the blood supply to the heart. Angina is pain caused by reduced blood flow. It is a chronic or long-term condition. Chronic conditions can have a negative effect on quality of life (QOL). An optimistic outlook may improve QOL. It may also be linked to clinical benefit. Lower optimism is linked to worse clinical outcomes. 

It is unknown if optimism is associated with better outcomes in patients with angina. 

Methods & findings

This study included 2356 patients with angina. These patients were enrolled in a main trial investigating angina and QOL. Optimism was part of a secondary analysis. Patients were assessed before an angina procedure and 1, 6 and 12 months later. Patients were asked to rate their level of optimism regarding their future and returning to a normal lifestyle. The authors analyzed hospitalization rates for angina.  

782 patients (33.2%) were very optimistic (VO). 1000 (42.4%) were optimistic (OP). 451 (19.1%) were undecided (UD), and 123 (5.2%) were not optimistic (NO). OP patients were less likely to have a history of heart attack. They were also less likely to have chronic kidney disease or peripheral artery disease. NO and UD patients had 38% and 42% more angina episodes than VO patients. Functional capacity and QOL was lower in NO patients. 

The bottom line

The authors concluded that VO patients had reduced angina episodes and better QOL.

The fine print

There are other factors that may affect clinical symptoms. Some patients may not be optimistic because their physical health is worse. 

What’s next?

If you have any concerns regarding CAD treatment, please consult with your physician. 

Published By :

The American journal of cardiology

Date :

Feb 07, 2019

Original Title :

Relationship Between Optimism and Outcomes in Patients With Chronic Angina Pectoris.

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