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Posted by on Jun 13, 2016 in Breast cancer | 0 comments

In a nutshell

This review examined the results of major studies on breast sarcoma. The authors concluded that more research is still needed to identify effective therapies for the treatment of breast sarcoma. 

Some background

The most common types of breast cancers are referred to as carcinomas and start in the mild ducts of the breast. Breast sarcomas are a different type of breast cancer. Sarcomas start in the connective tissue (this is the supporting tissue in the body) of the breast. Only about 1% of breast cancers are sarcomas. Ongoing studies are investigating the causes, diagnosis and treatment of sarcoma of the breast.

Methods & findings

The review included approximately 16 studies. 97.6% of patients with breast sarcoma were female. The typical age of diagnosis was 49 years old. Average 5-year overall survival (time from treatment until death from any cause) ranged from 55% to 73%.

The main treatment approach for breast sarcoma was total surgical removal of the tumor. Breast-conservation surgery (removing only part of the breast) had similar survival as total breast removal. Removal of lymph nodes located near the breast was deemed unnecessary, as it is rare for cancer to spread to the lymph nodes in breast sarcoma.

Radiotherapy and chemotherapy are recommended only for large tumors.Their benefit in breast sarcoma has yet to be determined.

The bottom line

The current review concluded that more research is still needed to identify effect therapies for the treatment of breast sarcoma.

The fine print

It is difficult to draw strong conclusions as to date only small studies examining past events have been carried out.

Published By :

Journal of Clinical Pathology

Date :

Jan 04, 2016

Original Title :

Sarcoma of the breast: an update on a rare entity.

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