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Posted by on Sep 27, 2018 in Benign prostatic hyperplasia | 0 comments

In a nutshell

This study looked at dribble after urination in men who have erectile dysfunction (ED) and lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS). This study concluded that there was an association between ED and dribble after urination. 

Some background

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is when you cannot get or keep an erection firm enough to have intercourse. ED can occur from a physical cause such as disease, injury or side effects of drugs. Emotional issues, psychological issues or mental health issues can also worsen ED symptoms. ED is often treated by lifestyle changes, medications, using a vacuum device (to improve blood flow to the penis) or even surgery. 

As men age, ED and lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) are more common. Studies have suggested there is a relationship between ED and LUTS. Slight leakage of urine after urination, also called dribbling, is a LUTS. The relationship between ED and dribble after urination is not well studied. 

Methods & findings

205 men with LUTS were assessed. Of the 205 men assessed, 129 men had ED. Questionnaires were used to assess erectile function, LUTS and dribble after urination. The volume of urine dribbled was also measured. This was assessed by a paper pad being put in the patient's underwear. Age, the size of the patient's prostate, blood tests, how well urine flowed out of the penis and the volume of urine left in the bladder after urination were also assessed. The study was performed over 8 months. 

An association between erectile function and urine dribble after urination was found. As ED became more severe, dribbling also became more severe. LUTS were worse in men who had ED. Dribble after urination was also worse in men who had ED.  

The bottom line

This study concluded that there was an association between dribbling after urination and ED. It also found that those with ED were at a higher risk of LUTS. 

The fine print

The authors note that the questionnaire used to assess dribbling after urination was not the standard questionnaire that would normally be used in studies. They also note that this study didn't look at other conditions the patients may have had. These factors may affect the study's results. 

What’s next?

If you are interested in learning more about the association between ED and dribbling after urination, contact your doctor. 

Published By :

The world journal of men’s health

Date :

Sep 01, 2018

Original Title :

Postmicturition Dribble Is Associated with Erectile Dysfunction in Middle-Aged and Older Men with Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms.

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