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You may not know this but you can get warnings from the FDA on problems with prescription medications and over-the-counter drugs.  For example, on August 11, a FDA News Release issued this warning about over-the-counter liquid vitamins that are given to young children and those who cannot swallow pills.

“The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is advising consumers and health care professionals not to use any liquid drug or dietary supplement products manufactured by PharmaTech LLC of Davie, Florida, and labeled by Rugby Laboratories, Major Pharmaceuticals and Leader Brands, due to potential contamination with the bacteria Burkholderia cepacia (B. cepacia) and the risk for severe patient infection.”

The warning continues with a list of recalled products:


  • Liquid Multivitamin Supplement for Infants and Toddlers 50 mL, UPC: 096295128611 ALL LOTS
  • Liquid Vitamin D Supplement for Breastfed Infants 400 IU 50 mL, UPC: 096295128628 ALL LOTS


  • Certa-Vite Liquid 236ML 00904-5023-09 ALL LOTS
  • Poly-Vita Drops 50ML 00904-5099-50 ALL LOTS
  • Poly-Vita Drops W/Iron 50ML 00904-5100-50 ALL LOTS
  • Ferrous Drops Iron Supplement 50ML 00904-6060-50 ALL LOTS
  • D-Vita Drops 50ML 00904-6273-50 ALL LOTS
  • Tri-Vita Drops 50ML 00904-6274-50 ALL LOTS
  • Senna Syrup 237ML 00904-6289-09 ALL LOTS


  • C Liquid 500mg 118ML 00536-0160-97 ALL LOTS
  • Diocto Liquid 50mg/5ml 473ML 00536-0590-85 ALL LOTS
  • Ferrous Sulfate Elixir 473ML 00536-0650-85 ALL LOTS
  • Fer Iron Liquid 50ML 50ML 00536-0710-80 ALL LOTS
  • Senexon Liquid 237ML 00536-1000-59 ALL LOTS
  • Diocto Syrup 60MG/15ML 473ML 00536-1001-85 ALL LOTS
  • Aller Chlor Syrup 120ML 00536-1025-47 ALL LOTS
  • Calcionate Syrup 16OZ 00536-2770-85 ALL LOTS
  • Cerovite Liquid 236ML 00536-2790-59 ALL LOTS
  • D3 400iu Liquid 50ML 00536-8400-80 ALL LOTS
  • Poly-Vitamin Liquid 50ML 00536-8450-80 ALL LOTS
  • Tri-Vitamin Liquid 50ML 00536-8501-80 ALL LOTS
  • Poly-Vitamin W/Iron Liquid 50ML 00536-8530-80 ALL LOTS”

Why is this important?

This warning includes a description of why this product contamination is so serious.  “According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), B. cepacia poses the greatest threat to hospitalized patients, critically ill patients and people with health problems such as weakened immune systems and chronic lung diseases.”

Signing up for these FDA News Releases via emails and texts is easy.  Just go to and provide your email address. It will take you to a list of publications by the US government.  With the glut of information on the Internet, receiving these emails or texts can help keep you and your loved ones aware of information vital to your care.