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“Chasing the Face of Men’s Health**”

On your mark, get set, grow face hair grow…but only on the upper lip!  The Mo, Australian for mustache, is taking over the faces of men worldwide.

Started from a fashion discussion among a couple of guys in a bar in Australia, the fundraiser has really taken off.  But where does all the money from this testosterone-enabled campaign go?

Men’s Health

Movember’s first recipient was the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia. Prostate cancer foundations and researchers continue to receive money raised by Movember.  In the US, prostate cancer research looking at biomarkers, immunotherapy and a variety of treatments for metastatic prostate cancer have received money.  There are also initiatives to study testicular cancer.   In the Netherlands, an initiative is supporting European countries without funding to participate in large scale clinical trials for men with recurrent testicular cancer.

Funding Beyond Prostate and Testicular Cancer

Now there are initiatives around the world that are focused on other issues affecting men’s health.

Often men are left out (or self-select themselves out) of mental healthcare. Movember is making inroads here.  For example, in Canada several initiatives to improve the mental health and well-being of men and boys have been funded.  Movember is funding a study to find out how to assist dads who are mourning the death of an unborn child.   In another project, Canadian first-time fathers, who might be at risk for mental health problem, are being targeted by an e-mental health psychoeducational intervention called

In Australia, money is going to fund a project to address communication barriers and promote the skills needed to discuss anxiety and depression.  In another Canadian project, a request for proposals went out for innovative ways to use masculine traits to engage men about their health.

Movember is also involved in outreach to men and their families in isolated rural communities.  For example, it is funding a ManVan in Wales.  This van will travel around Wales providing services to men who have been affected by prostate or testicular cancer.  It will also provide educational services to general practitioners across Wales.

Happy cute girl holding paper with mustache drawing on gradient backgroundNever doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. ~Margaret Mead

Whenever you think you cannot do anything about a huge problem facing everyone, think again, and remember hairy upper lips.  That’s where Movember started.

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