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Hi all!

A year ago, most likely 99% of you have yet to hear of “Medivizor”. As 2013 comes to an end, I wanted to update you about the progress we have made during this landmark year for Medivizor.

But first, if you are reading this, you are already a critical part of the Medivizor revolution and I wanted to thank you for your participation, support, and feedback. Without our subscribers’ and supporters’ engagement, we couldn’t continue to improve our offerings and expand our service to wider groups of people who we know so desperately need a better solution for health information.

What A Year!

Here are a few things that made us proud during 2013:

  • Supported conditionsWe started this year supporting only prostate cancer and breast cancer and we now support over 400 discrete medical conditions in 10 major areas, including 88% of cancer cases, 75% of cardiovascular disease cases, and all types of diabetes and, most recently, infertility.
  • Our blog went live in April. Since then we’ve logged 46 blog posts, thousands of readers, AND have been nominated as one of the top health blogs of the year ! Help us get to the top 10 by voting for us.
  • On August 20th we transitioned from our invitation-only early access mode to open public access, removing barriers for all that wish to enjoy our free and personal service.
  • Our impact continues to grow around the world, with people from 52 countries now using Medivizor, of which 53% are female, 47% male, 75% are caring for themselves and 25% are caregivers.
  • Our subscribers are becoming increasingly interactive, sharing comments and engaging in discussions with us and each other AND 94% of our users tell us they would recommend Medivizor to a family member or friend in need.
  • In order to match the personalized information for our subscribers, we reviewed more than 11,251 research papers and clinical trials for inclusion in our ever-growing knowledge base of personalized information for our subscribers.
  • Finally: In a pilot project kicked off just a couple of months ago, dozens of clinics across the US began inviting their patients to use Medivizor. If you’re a doctor and want to join, email


In 2014 we intend to improve and expand by:

  • Adding support for more medical conditions.
  • Forging important partnerships.
  • Adding more valuable features that we know people will appreciate and benefit from.
  • Continuing to listen to and learn from our subscribers – we want to provide the best service and our subscribers are the best judge of what that is!

Thank you again for being part of the Medivizor revolution. We believe what we’re up to is special and we know it is helpful and look forward to continuing to serve you in 2014. Please continue to help us by continuing to provide feedback!  You might also consider sharing Medivizor with friends, family – anyone you think might benefit from our service.

To a happy and healthy 2014!