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Autumn Harvest

Celebrations of autumn, the harvest, and the blessings of the passing year are found in many cultures. In China, there’s the celebration of the harvest moon. In the Jewish culture, a festival called Sukkot celebrates the wandering in the desert and the harvest. The ancient Greeks celebrated a holiday honoring Demeter, the goddess of grains and the fertility of the Earth. Canada celebrates Thanksgiving on the second Monday in October. A British harvest festival, called Lammas Day, included bringing the first loaf of wheat bread from that year’s harvest to church for a blessing. This coming Thursday, Thanksgiving is celebrated in the United States.

Donating to Three Non Profits That Are Doing Good

In the spirit of thanksgiving, Medivizor has begun a donation campaign that lasts from now until the 2014 New Year’s Day.

As part of this campaign, Medivizor will donate $1 (or £1) to one of the following three beneficiary organizations for each person that signs up for Medivizor.


Diabetes is described as an invisible and isolating disease. The Diabetes Hands Foundation’s dhs-logo(DHF) mission is to reduce that isolation through connecting people with diabetes through social media. The “Hands” portion of its name refers to that connecting and creation of community. For every person with diabetes who subscribes to Medivizor between now and New Year’s Day 2014, the Diabetes Hands Foundation will receive $1 from Medivizor. Emily Coles announced the campaign on DHF blog and Manny Hernandez, president of DHF tells Medivizor “We are very appreciative of you doing this.”

Breast Cancer

logo@Medivizor love for @METAvivor” is the catchy tongue twister, coined by AnneMarie Cicarrella, announcing the donation campaign. METAvivor is an organization that is working to increase funding for research on metastatic cancer, specifically for metastatic breast cancer.  On learning that Medivivor will donate $1 to METAvivor for every person diagnosed with breast cancer who signs up, from now until New Years Day 2014, Kelly Lange, President, said, “Many of us here at METAvivor have been using the Medivizor site, and have found it very helpful.”

Prostate Cancer

PCUK_Reg_1_BlackBG_CMYKFinally, Prostate Cancer UK invests in medical research and provides information and support to men with a prostate cancer diagnosis. Medivizor is donating £1 for every man in the UK with prostate cancer that signs up for Medivizor’s free service.


Happy Thanksgiving

Thank you supporters and subscribers. To sign up, for FREE to receive your private personal health information and updates, and to contribute to one of these causes, sign up here: (enter email address and click “Sign Up”).

Also, consider sharing information about this donation drive with everybody you know. You never know who might benefit from Medivizor, and till New Years, also these organizations.

And Happy Thanksgiving!